English & Visual Arts Academy



Art & Design

  * Fine Art Drawing & Painting, Printing, Sculpture

  *Craft Textile & Fiber art, Ceramic, Metal

  * 2-D DesignPrinting,  Photography, Animation, Graphic Design, Communication Art,

Film Art

  * 3-D Design Product Design, Industrial Design, Jewelry Design, Interior Design,

Fashion Design, Architecture

  * Theory Elements of Art & Principles of Design, Color theory

Extra Curriculum

   * Photography

    * Computer Graphics  Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, Auto Cad, Flash maker…

    * Special Topic in Art History  Impressionism, Surrealism, Post modernism, Abstraction art

    *Design Concept   Brain storming, Concept board,  Design Description

    * Presentation & Critique

    * Idea Sketch book & Research work book

Creative Writing

   * Elements of Essay& Journal

   * Elements of Resume & Mail

   * Statement in Special Topic

   * Story telling

   * Gallery Review & Historical Review

   * College Application Advising & Essay Revision

   * Supplementary English Lecture for speaking & writing


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