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포트폴리오 Portfolio

포트폴리오 Portfolio

  1. 관심 분야에 따른 지원학교, 전공 상담 및 Applying plan 만들기
  2. 포트폴리오작품 제작과 Sketchbook, workbook작업

– Elements of art &principles of design and major concentrations

모든 학교에서 공통적으로 요구하는 Observation works 10~12

Drawing, Painting and sculpture:

Still-life, Human figure, self-portrait, interior & exterior

-Art appreciation works 1~2

-Imaginary works 1~2

-Time based work 1~2                                                                                                      

 major에 따른 concentration series works 4~6 작업

  1. 작품 및 제출작품 촬영
  2. Portfolio Description
  3. Portfolio format: e-Portfolio, slide room, CD, Hard copy 
  4. Drawing Test or Writing Test, Conception Design project works
  5.  Idea sketch & research work book

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